Goodwill Shop With Me Decor Haul

Goodwill Shop With Me Decor Haul

I’m always on the hunt for thrifty bargains! Shopping at the Goodwill helps me save money on decor items that I use in my decorating projects. Don’t get me wrong, I still shop at regular retail discount stores. It’s just so much more fun to go digging for diamonds in the rough while paying so little! Yes, some thrift store smells quite different from most department stores and may have much messier isles, but after you rack up some sweet deals, you won’t even remember any of the distractions.

My last thrifting adventure was a Goodwill Shop With Me Decor Haul. I must say, I got some really awesome decor items at a fraction of the retail cost. If you want to see all the thrifty bargains I scored, checkout Goodwill Shop With Me Decor Haul YouTube Video HERE!


What thrifty deals have you found?

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