Happy Birthday Haul To Me!

Happy Birthday Haul To Me!

YAY! Today is my Birthday and I spent most of it shopping with my lovely Mom! Of course we hit some of my favorite discount stores then topped the day off with a delicious dinner. Look at some of the deals that I found that my Mom so generously gifted to me …



My favorite deals were from ROSS Dress for Less. There we found severals items but I really wanted a tiered serving tray to plate my Vegan Desserts. They had a few to choose from but I decided on the one above. It was only $6.99 and easy to assemble.


I also picked up these simple but sleek Luminarc Drink Glasses that I plan to use for double duty to serve beverages or desserts. They are easy to store because they are small and stackable. These drink glasses are a total score at $3.99 for a set of 4.


Another deal I got was these Tribeca Sugar and Syrup Dispensers. I picked up this because I like to serve my agave and maple syrup warm over my pancakes and waffles. The sugar dispenser isn’t shown because I gifted it back to my Mom. I already had a couple of sugar dispensers that I like to use for my coconut and date sugars.


I also got a couple of Cordon Blue White Oval Bistro Plates for $2.49 each and a cute Covered White Dish for $2.49 that is just perfect for serving and keeping my Country Girl Grits and/or other meals warm.


My Mom also bought me an 8″ KitchenAid Stainless Steel Fry Pan for $8.99 and Mini WolfGang Puck Stainless Steel Cookware for $11.99. I absolutely love and appreciate a good cooking pan/pot!

Well that’s it for my Birthday Haul. Thank you guys for allowing me to share with you the wonderful gifts that my Dear Sweet Mom blessed me with on my Special Day! If you are celebrating Your Birthday today, I hope it is a happy and exciting one! Love Ya’ll!

What deals have you gotten lately?



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