Orange Faux Chicken with Quinoa

Orange Faux Chicken with Quinoa

So it’s a delightful Monday and I’m starting off my week with a delicious cooking adventure! For awhile I have been wanting to develop a recipe for a Vegan Orange Chicken Dish. Well folks today is that day! Here is a taste of what I did …

First, I mixed up a tasty orange sauce made with some bitter orange juice and peels, coconut aminos, a touch of agave and a sea salt to taste. For the faux Chicken, I sliced and sautéed up some wonderful oyster mushrooms until tender. I then married the yummy sauce with the mushrooms and plated the duo with some cooked seasoned Quinoa topped with sliced tomatoes and string beans!

Oh my goodness …

It was so deliciously a keeper! My tummy is happy but after a little more tweaking, the recipe will be ready!

What Vegan Dish did you make today?


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